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5 Risky behaviors performed by truckers

5 Risky behaviors performed by truckers

During the summer months, unprecedented data were captured, processed and presented by Lytx, a company that provides tech solutions for service fleets and commercial and public sectors, to educate clients and drivers. Lytx’s solution, MV+AI-powered DriveCam® Event Recorders, captured more than 15 million driving events during this summer and 3 million of those were high-risk driving behaviors.

The 5 riskiest behaviors in truck drivers:
• 28% - Drivers not wearing seat belts
• 26% - Following Distance Under 2 Seconds
• 9% - Posted Speed Violation
• 8% - Failed to Stop
• 7% - Incomplete stop

Del Lisk, Lytx’s vice president of safety services affirmed: “Seatbelt use continues to stand out as both a top behavior fleets are actively looking to address and one that drivers continue to struggle with, despite the inherent dangers and risk of policy violations and citations”.

He also added: “Drivers cited for not wearing a seatbelt are 3.4% more likely to get into a collision, and remains a priority for nearly every driver and fleet. Because of this, seatbelt use is one of eight behaviors we proactively issue in-cab alerts for, helping drivers to self-correct in real-time.”

Lytx affirms that the data captured by them, daily, provides to owner-operators and truck fleets the information necessary to recognize their own risky driving habits and correct them. For more information about the data provided by Lytx, please visit:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2020