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6 ways to save money on your trucking fleet

6 ways to save money on your trucking fleet

Being in control of all fleet expenses is extremely important to keep the business running smoothly. But sometimes unexpected expenses arise that affect any forecast the company might have for that period. Saving can be a great help to be prepared for possible unforeseen events. 6 tips that can help any truck fleet to save money:

- Evaluating whether it is more convenient to retread the tires or change them for new ones:
In Latin American countries we have the habit of using retreaded tires because of the savings that it entails. Many Hispanic truckers in the United States bring with them the idea that by retreading their truck tires they will save money. ERROR! First, the speed that is handled in the United States and the weight that each truck carries is very different from that of Latin American countries.

Using retread tires on your trucks can lead to accidents on the road. Because the weight of the load and the speed make the tire fall apart and the repair costs are very high. Today the trucker has options of new tires from different brands at a good price, giving the guarantee of safety on the road. So, friends of the wheel, better make the decision to put new tires and put aside the habit of retreading. Learn to save time and money.

- By using GPS tracking systems
Choosing a good software for fleets’ route optimization will reduce diesel consumption and mileage of vehicles because the trips’ routes will be optimized, especially the cases that that requires multiples stops.

This kind of software will search the best route for the cargo pickup or delivery, not only the fastest one but the route with less incidents such high traffic, construction’s area or accidents. Preventing fuel waste. Those tracking systems also monitor drivers speed, another factor that increases fuel consumption.

- By training drivers to perform efficient fuel saving driving techniques
Every single fleet’s driver should be trained to decrease fuel mileage, avoid aggressive driving, like speeding, rapid braking, hard turns or fast acceleration. This kind of behavior could reduce the fuel efficiency by a 40%.

- By being an updated fleet
Think ahead in relation to fleet’s updates can be a great way to save money. Older vehicles could represent more expenses in repairs and fuel. Leasing vehicles could be a good option to truck fleets to avoid the initial expenses of buying new vehicles. An option that is not so viable for owner-operators

- By paying attention to warranties when purchasing new units:
Anticipate the requirements for the equipment’s and part’s warranties to be valid could mean a lot of money saved for the truck fleet. Because waiting until something goes wrong such during a routine maintenance could be too late and much more expensive.

- By getting greater insurance
Truck fleets need to find the most appropriate insurance for their units, since insurance prices vary from one insurance company to another. In general, commercial truck insurance offers different types of discounts, depending on the number of units that the company will insure.

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