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7 reasons for truckers visit their dentist

7 reasons for truckers visit their dentist

The daily obligations of truck drivers and their lack of time influence and lead to a lack of care with their oral health. To avoid health problems, truck drivers should visit their dentist on a regular basis.

Every trucker should visit their dentist at least once a year, since there is dental damage caused by varied and processed food, which mostly contain high levels of acids, which damage the teeth.

In addition, if the truck driver does not pay attention to oral care and hygiene, the problems could worsen to the point of losing a tooth or molar. The best way to prevent is to visit the dentist regularly, the main reasons for these visits are:

1- Identify possible oral problems– Early detection of a pathology in the oral cavity is key both to carry out the treatment and to avoid major consequences. The most common are gingivitis, caries and pyorrhea. But serious problems also occur, such as oral cancer, and the sooner it is treated, the better the prognosis.

2- Improve dental care – Many truckers may think that just brushing their teeth 2 times a day is enough, but it is not. Problems due to inefficient oral hygiene can mean a high-cost budget with the dentist. Truckers are shocked when the dentist:

- Corrects the way they brush their teeth;
- Advises them how they should use the toothbrush and dental floss;
- Recommends them to use the appropriate toothpaste for their problem and the appropriate toothbrush for their teeth;
- Teaches them where they are accumulating plaque and how they should improve their care,
- Advises them on food and its effects on teeth (acids, sugars, etc.)

3- Correct bad habits – Dentists can guide truck drivers on how to correct their bad habits and customs such as:

- Poor mastication;
- Bruxism (act of gnashing or clenching the teeth);
- Nail bitting;
- Consumption of sweets;
- Smoke;
- To drink;
- Drink a lot of coffee

4- Promote a good night`s sleep – If truck drivers gnash their teeth when sleeping or feels a toothache, it is possible that they don`t rest well. The dentist will identify these and other problems and provide solutions for the case of each trucker, consequently favoring a good rest.

5- Detect health problems in other organs that manifest in the mouth – The dentists are able to identify if the symptoms that appear in the trucker`s oral cavity are related to any disease if they work together with the trucker`s family doctor. The dentist can also prevent problems such as periodontitis to avoid it from affecting the general health of the trucker.

6- Increase self-esteem – A truck driver with nice teeth and no bad breath problems feels more confident and relates with much more security.

7- Save a lot of money – If the truck drivers visit their dentist regularly costly expenses of more complicated and expensive oral treatments are avoided and prevented.

Trucker friend, do not neglect your oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly.

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