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Accident: Now what should I do?

Accident: Now what should I do?

Despite all the precautions that we can take in our work and in driving a vehicle, there are many factors that could compromise us in an accident; many of them are completely beyond our control, such as the weather, road conditions and of course, other drivers with whom we share the road.

For this reason, we have to be prepared to be able to face the situation properly. We present some useful tips for this type of situation; however, we wish that none of you get involved in any accidents.

  1. Don`t panic, stay calm. Everyone hopes that, as a truck driver, you know very well how to proceed in these cases. Never admit guilt. This investigative work corresponds to the police and the judges.
  2. Stop at the scene of the accident, unless you receive an order from the police or you detect any signs that indicate that you should not remain at the scene. You should never stop to protect other vehicles involved in an accident, unless it is a police order, since if another vehicle hits your vehicle you will be considered guilty.
  3. Keep the scene of the accident safe, otherwise you will be exposed to greater responsibility with respect to the accident. If you think you will stay for more than 10 minutes in the place, you should put reflectors immediately. One reflector must be positioned 10 feet before the accident scene, the second 100 feet before and a third 100 feet behind the second.
  4. Get help, call 911 immediately for help.
  5. Gather information from witnesses. If there are people who want to cooperate, ask for their name, address and telephone number or take a photograph of the vehicle`s license plates.
  6. Notify your company.
  7. Take lots of photos of all sides of the vehicles involved in the accident. It is also very important to take panoramic photos of the accident scene, even if the other party says there is no damage and that there will be no claim. It is best to protect yourself and take photos. Many times, people change their minds if they know they can take advantage of the situation.


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Edic.: 159
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 10/2020