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Big changes in service hours

Big changes in service hours

As of September 29, when the revised hours of service rule become law, truck drivers will have new options to be able to work more efficiently and conveniently manage the hours of service granted by these regulations.

Through these changes, truck drivers will have the option to stop 14 hours of service for up to three hours with the use of the sleeper berth split. The new option allows truckers to divide the 10-hour rest time into two segments, with a segment of a minimum of 7 hours.

With this new provision of the 7 and 3 sleeper berth split, the shorter period does not count against the truck drivers` 14 hour clock. For example: If a truck driver logs in five hours of duty time and drives four hours, they can take a three-hour break and still have nine hours of duty time and seven hours of driving available when the break ends.

The new HOS rule also offers a benefit in regards to the 30-minute rest under which the 30-minute rest is maintained within the first 8 hours. But these 30 minutes can be logged however they wish, either on duty, off duty or in the sleeper.

On the other hand, the radius of operation of short-haul truck drivers extends from 100 to 150 air miles and allows fleets an increase in the maximum service limit from 12 to 14 hours. With the new regulation, fleets and truck drivers do not have to keep track of service hours or take 30-minute breaks.

We believe that these changes will somehow help relieve stress and pressure on drivers, especially in relation to the 14 hours of service. Have a nice day and a safe trip.

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Edic.: 158
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 9/2020