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Burn First-Aid on the road

Burn First-Aid on the road

Surely more than once, truck drivers have been superficially burned at some point. This could be due to contact with a hot surface of the engine, truck exhaust, radiator or checking any fault that the truck presents. Or in some cases a road accident.
It’s important for truckers to know whether they are dealing with a minor or deep burn. There are 3 types of level of burns: first, second and third degree. It will depend on the layer of skin that has been affected.

  • Generally, usually the minor wounds are first degree burns, they are superficial wounds and the outermost layer of the skin is the affected one, giving rise to pain, redness, swelling and blisters in the affected zone.
  • Second degree burns affect both the outer layer of the skin and the second layer (dermis).
  • In the case of third-degree burns, in addition to affecting the outer layer and the second layer of the skin, the fat layer located under the skin also suffers severe damage. For third degree burns, it is very important that the trucker goes to the hospital as quickly as possible.

In the case of being a superficial burn, it’s very possible that medical attention will not be necessary. If truckers act fast in cleaning and taking caring for their wound, the wound healing process will be more efficient. But it’s very important that the truck driver knows the first aid for a burn of this type:

  1. Cool the wound and skin by leaving the area under cold water for a few minutes. This measure will sanitize the wound and allow the trucker to verify if the burn is really superficial.
  2. In case of being superficial, the trucker can begin to clean the affected area with neutral soap and water.
  3. If blisters appear, truckers should not try to burst them, because that could cause the wound to become infected, worsening even more the state of the burn.
  4. Truck drivers must avoid covering the wound with bandages that contain fibers because they could get stuck in the burn.
  5. Truckers shouldn’t apply home remedies such as toothpaste, egg white or butter. Since they could infect the burn.
  6. To heal the wound, truckers can apply specific creams for burns. It’s important to ask for the recommendation and prescription of the family doctor to choose the most appropriate cream to carry and that should be part of the emergency kit that all truckers have in their truck.
  7. If the truck drivers feel a lot of discomfort in the affected area and their doctors recommend it, they should take the analgesics that they usually take to relieve the pain.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2020