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COVID vaccination for truckers approaches

COVID vaccination for truckers approaches

ACIP (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) included truck drivers and other transportation and logistics personnel in the third group of people recommended to receive COVID vaccine, in the Phase 1C. This important decision for the transportation sector was shared in the panel of a federal advisory board on Dec. 20.

Despite requests and lobby efforts from American Trucking Associations with the government to make them consider and prioritize trucking workforce as essential workers regarding COVID vaccination, the ACIP recommendation is to place them behind other frontline essential workers. According to them the definition of groups and phases is based on the right balance between maintaining the society functional while avoid deaths.

At the moment, the Phase 1A is receiving COVID vaccine. The group that is composed by frontline health care personnel and workers and residents at long term care facilities started to receive the vaccination in December. The Phase 1B is formed by people of 75 years old or older, besides frontline essential workers, such public transit, manufacturing and grocery store workers, teachers, responders and more.

The Phase 1C is the group where truck drivers will be included, in addition to people of 65-74 years old, other essential workers and people with ages from 16 to 64 that have high-risk medical conditions. Usually, the CDC accepts the recommendations presented by the panels, but the final distribution of the vaccine will depend of each state plans. Although the states comply with the guidelines of the CDC, every state has a specific plan for their own needs.

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Date: 2/2021