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Do fans help a trucker get better sleep?

Do fans help a trucker get better sleep?

Sleeping while using a fan during warm summer nights, whether at home or on the road, can have many benefits but it can also be detrimental if they don`t take proper precautions.


- It`s an economical option, since they are devices that can be found for a good price and don`t involve a great expense in energy because they don`t consume as much electricity as an air conditioner.
- There are models of different sizes. There are even fans for trucks that can be placed on the dashboard in the direction of the driver or passenger. Today, there are even battery operated or cordless fans. They are practical and easy to transport from one room to another or even taking them into the truck.
- It`s not necessary to carry out an installation, nor do you need the help of a technician to make it work, as it would with an air conditioning. By simply plugging it in, the trucker can already feel the cooling breeze generated by the fan.


- If the device is aimed directly at the body of the truck overnight, it can dry out their airways, if the air goes directly to the mucous membranes of their nose.
- The skin also suffers and becomes dry when receiving the air from the fan for so many hours.
- Increases allergies in the case of truckers who suffer from this condition. The wind generated by the fan moves the ambient air, drawing either dust or pollen directly towards the nose, mouth and eyes, causing allergy attacks and irritation in the throat and eyes.
- Cold air directed directly towards the trucker`s body can cause stiffness, discomfort or tension in the muscles and even cramps.

Recommendations for the use of the ventilator to sleep - For truckers enjoy the benefits of ventilators and prevent their prejudices, they must:

- The wind must be prevented from going in the direction of the trucker`s body, it must be positioned in a direction that circulates the air in the room.
- If the room is ventilated, with open windows, this will help the fan to better cool the environment at night.
- Good habits before going to sleep to stay cool:
• Take a shower to regulate body temperature and relax muscles
• Choose to wear clothes made of breathable cotton (light clothes).
• Eat something light for dinner to avoid that the digestive system works too hard and increase the body temperature.

Follow these recommendations to enjoy your fan this summer. Continue to use alcohol gel, maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently and wear a mask even if you are vaccinated.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 7/2021