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Do you know how to detect problems in your truck's injectors?

Do you know how to detect problems in your truck's injectors?

The injectors are important and key for the proper operation of the fuel injection system in heavy vehicles, such as trucks. Its functionality is to provide a specific amount of pulverized fuel inside the combustion chamber which will then be distributed evenly. Preventing problems in the injectors is the most economical way to maintain a truck. Therefore, fleeing from damage and failures in this area will make any carrier save money. How do we identify problems and avoid possible damage in the injectors? The following signs could be related to possible damage:

  • Engine power reduced drastically
  • Odor related to unburned fuel
  • Truck pulls during the march
  • Black smoke coming out through the exhaust system

How can you avoid damage to the injectors?

  • Maintaining the tank full of fuel with at least one quarter of its total capacity. This helps prevent any air inside the tank to condense and trickle down to the bottom due to temperature changes.
  • Checking and maintaining the order of the transparent glass of the water and fuel separator filter.
  • Being aware of the WIF warning light on the dashboard, as this indicates that the water and fuel separator filter reached its maximum capacity.
  • Replacing the fuel filter according to technical assistance suggestions or at least once every 30,000 km.
  • Using filters with high quality and that correspond with the technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Calibrating the injectors that are driven by the cams inside the engine. They are generally calibrated after 100 thousand km.
  • Using additives recommended by the manufacturer to clean the injectors. Habit will reduce the contamination of the fuel and prevent the accumulation of impurities and obstructions.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2019