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Driving in a congested city

Driving in a congested city

The first thing to do to reduce your stress is to plan your trip so you can arrive on time to deliver your cargo. If situations arise that will delay your arrival at the appointment, it is advisable to maintain communication with your company. If you are going to the center of a large city, we recommend calling ahead to find out where you can park overnight.

If you can avoid getting to the city in busy hours, you should do so, since driving in those conditions is a real nightmare. City aggravation could result into unwanted accidents. Another very useful tool is to use google maps to recognize the place where you are going to arrive, visualizing the street, entrances, potential difficulties, parking, etc.

With the incorporation of the ELD it is much more convenient to get to the place where you are going to unload, rest your 10 hours to be able to continue working after delivery. If the delivery is in an unsafe part of the city, you should plan to arrive in the early hours of the morning to avoid the hours of traffic congestion as much as possible.

Certainly, no matter how much you plan, there will be occasions that you cannot avoid and if so, do not lose control. Just relax. It does not matter if you are faced with a difficult situation and cause a big disruption in traffic. Whatever happens, don`t lose your cool. If you have to stop and park your vehicle until you can decide what to do, you must do it.

If people get angry, don`t worry, they will have to wait. Whatever happens, you must keep control, since many drivers have no notion of what it is to maneuver a vehicle the size of their truck.

Have a nice day and a safe trip.

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Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 2/2021