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Drug test for truckers again?

Drug test for truckers again?

Regardless of which company you work for, having a business license carries certain obligations and taking alcohol and drug tests are one of them. These are required in the following cases: Pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, return to work, follow-up test and after an accident.

We understand that going to take the drug test must be uncomfortable, even if you are sure of the result and have nothing to fear. For this reason, we believe that by keeping yourself informed about it, you will now see the issue with a better attitude.

Pre-employment: All trucking companies by the FMCSA mandate have a legal responsibility to require commercial drivers to take drug tests. A negative result must be verified before the driver is allowed to operate a commercial vehicle.

Random: These drug tests are also part of this mandate and as of January 1, 2020, the percentage has doubled to 50%. That means that now, in the 4 random times of the year, half of the drivers will be required to take the drug test. Keep in mind that the chances of being elected are much higher now with this new regulation, so we recommend that you take it easy.

After an accident: Companies must require the driver to do the alcohol and drug test if there were deaths, injuries, towed away vehicles, or if they received a fine for the accident. The alcohol test must be done no later than 8 hours after the accident and the drug test no more than 32 hours.

Reasonable suspicion: This test is carried out when the person has obvious signs of drunkenness or use of controlled substances.

Whatever the circumstances for which you are going to do a drug test, we recommend that you be prepared. If you are taking medications, you should have them on hand and report them, as some prescription medications can cause a false positive drug test result. If that happens, you will have to schedule another test and you will have to present proof of the legality of the prescription.

A few years ago, someone from the company was blamed in a highway inspection possession of alcohol in a commercial vehicle because this person had mouthwash. We share this experience to avoid that the same thing happens to you and you get into trouble. We recommend that when buying mouthwash you choose one that says it does not contain alcohol.

Although drug tests may be uncomfortable for some, they are part of your obligations as a “class A” licensed driver. Keep in mind that the purpose is to avoid having to share the road with dangerous drivers and to keep the roads much safer. Have a nice day and a safe trip.

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Edic.: 165
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 4/2021