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Electronic Books and Inspections: Changes in the Procedure

Electronic Books and Inspections: Changes in the Procedure

Dear trucker friends, I am informing you about the changes that will be happening during the DOT inspections with the implementation of the new electronic books in December for checking the hours of service. We already know that this new electronic way of verifying hours of service radically changes the process for the truckers who are accustomed to using paper log books, but this new process also changes the way Officers conduct inspections on the road and even this new process seeks to improve and simplify the way and efficiency of saving and checking service hours, it has also created new challenges for the Officers. From this December when the enforcement takes effect, the inspections on the road will be faster or will take more time depending on the training that the user has about how to operate the "e-Logbook", if the driver knows how to operate the e-Logbook efficiently this will make the Official`s work easier and faster to access the e-Logbook information. Officials are also faced with the challenge of knowing how to operate the different types of e-Logbooks that will be in operation and during the first months of the implementation of the new system the Officers will also be in a learning period and will have to rely on the truck drivers they inspect to be able to access the information of the e-logbook that they are using. This new process compromises the safety of the inspecting Officers for the reason that depending on the e-logbook model being used, they are generally fixed inside the truck cabin, and the Officers will need to climb the stirrup of the truck to be able to see the information of the e-logbook. This puts the Officer in danger and also creates the possibility that the truckers who are passing through the place of inspection is carried out to receive fines for not changing lanes. The implementation of e-logbooks promises to improve the safety of everybody and also if used correctly promises to make it easier to save and check the hours of service. At the same time will eliminate the violations of the hours of service for not putting information or for putting erroneous information in the format of the paper logbook. The new system also promises to reduce the brokers and carriers pressure to breach service hours.

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Edic.: 123
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2017