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Extend the life of your truck this summer

Extend the life of your truck this summer

A truck in good condition is essential for any owner-operator for it will last longer and avoid troublesome mechanic payments. The proper maintenance of the vehicle plays a very important role in prolonging the years of the truck and avoiding, or at least delaying, the expenses and time out of service caused by mechanical problems. Some recommendations to avoid these problems would be:

1- Seek expert help

Truck drivers must visit qualified mechanics to perform the maintenance service of their vehicles. The trucks’ manufacturer offers these types of services in their own dealerships, which can consist of complete state inspections or verifying components which can range from brakes to the battery.

2- Keeping the tires aligned and using proper roll angle

Proper roll angle will keep the tires stable and will not vibrate during specific speed turns. And the alignment makes the rim angles remain parallel to each other and perpendicular to the pavement.

3- Change the motor filters

Over time, chemical residue, dust and other types of dirt accumulate in the filters. It is advisable to change them every 30,000 miles. If the trucker drives on dustier roads, they should do a filter change more frequently. This procedure will optimize the operation of the engine, improve its acceleration and increase its useful life.

4- Regularly check the interior and exterior lights of the truck

Detecting a malfunction in time can be the key to prevent it from becoming a more serious problem and will potentially save you a lot of money. If a light is always on, the vehicle may indicate an electrical problem, and if a light is burnt, it may mean something more serious.

5- Always make the oil change

It is advisable to change it after traveling approximately 10,000 miles. If the vehicle is old, the oil filter must also be changed. There are many oil options specific to older engines. Truck drivers should choose the most suitable according to the viscosity indications in the owner’s manual.

6- Check the levels of fluids

The essential fluids of the vehicle, such as coolant and oil, should be checked regularly. The engine oil must be cool to get a more accurate reading. If it smells like fuel or has a dirty appearance it should be changed. The coolant level of the cooling system must be checked to avoid overheating the engine. The windshield fluid level should be checked, since during the summer there are many mosquitoes on the road, thus fogging the windshield and can cause accidents due to poor visibility.

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Date: 8/2018