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Genital rash and sores What are they?

Genital rash and sores What are they?

Genital eruption is not related to the fact that the trucker spends many hours sitting, but generally the cause is related to a sexually transmitted disease, although there are cases in which this problem can occur for reasons other than that, such as psoriasis or skin cancer.

Therefore, it is imperative that every truck driver has the knowledge about the symptoms of a genital rash to know how to approach the treatments for such an unpleasant situation. Usually, the sores and bumps are accompanied by itching on the skin of the sexual organs, in addition to other symptoms.

Possible causes - There are different types of injuries that occur in the area of the sexual organs:
- Inflammatory lesions - non-infectious;
- Infectious lesions - caused by some sexually transmitted disease;
- Neoplastic

Infectious genital lesions can be a consequence of a bacterial or viral origin: Most likely they occur due to the contagion of a sexually transmitted disease such as:

Bacterial Origin:
• Syphilis;
• Soft chancre;
• Gonorrhea;
• Chlamydia;

Viral Origin:
• Herpes simplex (most common cause)

Although less common, the parasitic origin, such as scabies or candidiasis (fungi), could also cause infectious genital lesions.

Studies have shown the increase in sexually transmitted infections in recent years. With just one carelessness, if the truck drivers do not use sexual protection methods correctly, they can get an STD. It is very important to be aware and take proper precautions to avoid it.

Inflammatory (non-infectious) genital lesions are not as common as infectious ones and occur primarily as a cause of:
• Immune system with alterations;
• Reaction of the skin to hypersensitivity to certain drugs;
• Self-inflicted injuries;
• Psoriasis

Genital lesions of neoplastic origin are not infectious and occur as consequences of skin cancer, melanomas, or epithelial carcinomas.

What is the best treatment for genital rashes?

As the causes of these injuries are diverse, there is no single treatment capable of combating all types of eruptions with different origins. Generally, in the case of genital herpes simplex, systemic antiviral medications are usually prescribed.

When the origin is bacterial, treatments are usually based on antibiotics. In the case of fungi, doctors often recommend treatment with antifungal drugs. The truck driver who suspects that he or she is suffering from a genital rash should consult their GP to find out what would be the most appropriate treatment for their case.

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Date: 3/2021