Edic.: 136
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 11/2018

How to reduce your operating and maintenance expenses

In times like these, the price of diesel, parts and repairs can soar, so it is important that we find ways to reduce our expenses. Here are some ways to save on diesel:

  • Reduce speed: When driving at high speed, it’s common sense that you will use more diesel. If you drive above 55mph, then each mile you add at 55mph will increase by 0.1mpg. That means, if you drive at 60mph you will be losing half a mile per gallon. For example, if you go from southern California to Washington state (average of 1200 miles) to 55mph and your truck gives you 6.5mpg, it will occupy 184glns. If you increase your speed and go at 60mph (illegally) you will use 200gls. That means that it will occupy 16glns more at an average of $4.20 per gallon; you will be spending $67.20 more, which amounts to $134.40 per round.
  • Having the truck on without being able to travel many miles, standing in traffic or not planning your trip properly will cause you keep the engine running without getting the benefit of adding miles that are reflected on your money. For this reason, we recommend you to plan your trip and avoid the hours of vehicular congestion.
  • Keeping your tires with the proper air pressure is very important for saving on fuel expense. It is recommended to use sensors and the trailers’ system of automatic inflation of tires. It’s inexpensive and in the long run, it will help you increase your fuel consumption efficiency and at the same time, lengthen tire wear.
  • The maintenance of your vehicle emphasizes on the importance of having the engine work at high efficiency, while extending your truck’s life and ultimately saving money on repairs.
  • Plan your trip to avoid the rush hours with greater congestion.