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Is knowing how to measure your pulse important?

Is knowing how to measure your pulse important?

Knowing the most about your own health can save the life of any trucker who spends long periods of time on the road. Knowing how to measure the pulse is an easy procedure to perform and can be of great help in the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

These pulsations, which can be measured in different parts of the body of a truck driver, are nothing more than the dilation and contraction movement of the arteries and the heart. Most commonly, this heart rate is translated into the number of beats per minute.

When truck drivers measure their pulse, they must do so for a period of 1 minute and must take into account that the normal number of pulses must be between 60 and 100 during that period of time. For example, if the trucker measures his pulse for 1 minute and counts 80 beats, that means that trucker`s heart beats 80 times in 60 seconds.

If the truck driver`s heart rate exceeds 100 beats for 60 seconds this could indicate that he has tachycardia. And in the case of the heart that beats below 60 beats for 60 seconds, the trucker could be suffering from bradycardia.

Both cases could indicate that the cardiovascular system is going through some problem or simply be a normal adjustment of the body like the one that happens when playing sports. It’s very common to have tachycardia when you feel scared, go through a dangerous situation and are stressed. But if this tachycardia happens constantly, you have to consult a doctor.

If the trucker measures his heart rate frequently, it will be easier to detect any variation both up and down in terms of beats per minute and this can indicate that something is wrong with his health and be key to anticipating any pathology thanks to an early diagnosis.

How can the trucker measure his heart rate manually?

First, it is possible to measure the pulsations in different parts of the body, but the most recommended is the neck.
1- To make the measurement the trucker must relax and be at rest.
2- Use a timer that comes on your Smartphone or on a watch.
3- Position the fingers on the neck, under the chin, pressing the area to really feel the heartbeat.
4- Start the stopwatch once the pulsations have been identified and start counting for 60 seconds.

If the trucker detects any alteration in the number of pulsations such as the alterations described above, they should assess his situation and consider whether he should consult a doctor. There is also the option of buying a heart rate monitor, there are inexpensive and there are small models to take on a trip. Consult your health professional for best recommendations.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 5/2021