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Lights and HOS in the Roadcheck 2021´s Spotlight

Lights and HOS in the Roadcheck 2021´s Spotlight

This year the international Roadcheck will take place on May 4-6 across North America. The focus of the inspectors regarding CMVs and drivers will be on the main violations from 2020, HOS compliance and vehicle lighting.

According to the FMSCA, the vehicle violation that occupied the first place during 2020 was inoperable lamps (12% of the infractions in relation to vehicles). Regarding drivers the CSVA stated that hours of service infractions ranked in first position (35% of the out of service violations).

The vehicles will be taken out of service if the inspectors detect other infractions and the truck will not be able to be operated until the problems found are solved and fixed. The inspectors will make sure the following items of the commercial vehicles meet the requirements of the program:
- Cargo securement;
- Driver’s seat;
- Vehicle’s brake systems;
- Coupling devices;
- Exhaust systems;
- Driveshaft/driveline components;
- Fuel systems;
- Frames;
- Steering mechanisms:
- Lighting devices;
- Tires;
- Wheels;
- Suspensions;
- Hubs;
- Rims;
- Windshield wiper;
- Van and open top trailer bodies;
- Exhaust systems

The CVSA decal will be granted to the vehicles that comply with requirements of the inspection (Level I or Level V). With this decal the vehicles will avoid inspections for 3 months (period of validity of the decal)

To determine if a driver will be put out of service the inspectors will verify during the blitz:
- The operations credentials of the drivers;
- HOS documentation;
- Drug or/and alcohol impairment
- Seat belt usage

The shipments will COVID-19 vaccine won’t have to be inspected except there is any evident sign of infraction that could mean an imminent danger.


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Date: 3/2021