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Monitoring tire pressure and ELD straight

Monitoring tire pressure and ELD straight

The company Blue Ink Technology enhanced their BIT ELD system by adding a feature to monitor and report the inflation status of trucks’ tires directly on the company’s ELD app. BIT ELD system was already a great device for truck drivers because of the following functionalities:
- It keeps the records of their HOS.
- Shows the miles their trucks have travelled across each state.
- Informs about trucks’ issues as well as their fault codes.
- Can be removed from one vehicle and easily be installed in another.
- Tracks the fuel expenses via the truckers’ submission of fuel receipts in the system.
- Can be connected to a Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Now, in addition to the complete management the HOS records through the ELD system, truck drivers can also be aware about the tire pressure, battery level and temperature of their vehicles in the same system.

This new feature, BIT TPMS, can be used by acquiring tire pressure sensor packs; these can be quickly installed, with no downtime necessary. The sensor screws, which are weatherproof and are made with durable material, are locked in the valve stem, to prevent robbery.

It is very important for every truck driver to maintain proper tire inflation, because low pressures have effect on fuel efficiency and cause tire failures. The consequences of these failures are huge, truckers will probably have to be out the road to fix their trailers’ damage, spend a lot of money in roadside service, be involved in accidents and cause penalties for out-of-service order violations.

The benefits of controlling good tire inflation by using BIT TPMS system will be reflected in the boost of fuel efficiency, prolongment of tire lifespan, decreases in the possibility of blowouts and preventions of costly road service assistance. For more information about BIT visit the website:

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Edic.: 140
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 3/2019