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New Intelligent System to Monitor Trailers

New Intelligent System to Monitor Trailers

Peterson presented a new and revolutionary monitoring system for trucks and trailers at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition held in Atlanta.

This platform is called PULSE and is engineered for fleet trailers. It will be available as of January 2019. It monitors the truck system’s key features such as brakes, doors, tires, lighting, as well as the temperature of the cargo alerting the driver and fleet responsible via Bluetooth and cellular connection.

Designed by CAN-Bus specifications, with sensors and high speed communication installed in every corner of the trailer, with completely accurate vibration-proof components.

PULSE works like a group of computers in a network: cables linking control modules in rear and front modules, components of communication and system sensors, all working parked or underway and including a backup battery to give energy to the system regardless of the truck being connected to the trailer or not.

Built in partnership with top TPMS/ABS and telematic technology industry leads, the platform will be available with other diagnostic systems as well as being able to be integrated with telematics providers already in use by the fleets.

PULSE will transform trailers to super smart trailers, sending signals of trailer issues in real time. This will empower cargo and driver safety, and avoid CSA violations, fines, and incidents on the road.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 7/2018