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New trends for the trucking sector coming this 2020

New trends for the trucking sector coming this 2020

As the new year was approaching, predictions for the trucking industry had already started and the transportation sector can expect trends related to logistics and also technology:

- No more AOBRDs

The end to the exemption of using the automatic onboard recording devices. Now this has changed, all truck fleets without exception will have to use ELD technology.

- Declining demand of the transportation of cargo

As consequence of different variable such as:
• The impact of weather events (hurricanes, floods)
• Heavy snowfall
• Transportation companies do not expect to invest in trucks or raise wages because they have already responded to the latest demands of industry and commerce. They prefer to wait to get to know the viability of the new law that will affect the transportation sector

But the expectations are positive, they believe and trust that everything will flow normally and that the sector will overcome this decrease.

- Telematics data

Through this ELD technology, the information will be collected, stored and transmitted from the device placed in the truck regarding the condition, usage and performance of the CMV. This will provide great input to the trucking industry and will probably help to decrease the accidents with trucks, making the next year safer that this one.

- Uber will be applied to freight transportation

Small trucking companies will be connected with shippers by applying the use of Uber’s system which will save truck drivers money and make the trucking industry more dynamic and productive.


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