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The constant challenges of intimate hygiene for truckers

The constant challenges of intimate hygiene for truckers

It is very important that truck drivers have good hygiene not only in their private parts, but throughout their body. It is annoying to wear the same clothes for a long time, since many places don’t provide toilets with showers. Truckers have the commitment to deliver the cargo, causing hours and even days pass by. Many truckers in the industry bathe after two days, something many would find quite uncomfortable. Good hygiene will help avoid discomfort such as itching, fungus or urinary tract infections.

Being hygienic and taking care of the private parts of the body does not only apply to women but to men as well. Being on the road, spending hours in the truck, sleeping away from home are not excuses for truckers to break their intimate hygiene habits.

If truck drivers are properly prepared for their trip and adopt personal cleansing products, their private parts will be grateful. It sounds funny, but that`s how it will be. They will stay healthy and away from discomfort and infection.

- The sweat accumulated throughout the day spent seated and driving the truck should be removed from the body, especially in the intimate areas of the trucker, such as when washing the genitals.
- The male sexual apparatus (penis, testicles and foreskin) should be washed every day with neutral soap and water. Mainly the parts of the genitals that are less exposed like the frenulum, the folds, etc. With the use of neutral soap and rinsing with lots of water, the truck driver will avoid irritating the area.
- The sexual organs must also be washed after having sex. It does not matter if a condom was used or not. It is advisable to clean the area to prevent bacteria from forming there, in addition to avoiding the bad smell in the intimate area.
- When spending so many hours sitting driving the truck driver should choose to wear cotton and not tight underwear. By wearing looser clothes your intimate area will breathe better and bad odours will be avoided.
- The genitals should be carefully dried after a bath, since in the humidity there is the risk of developing infections. Truck drivers must dry their genitals with a specific towel for that area and not use that towel on other parts of the body.
- It is not advisable to use deodorants, perfume or lotions on the genitals, due to the great possibility of causing irritation.

Trucker, the care of your private areas and body. They’re in your hands.

Sex at the Wheels


Edic.: 140
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 3/2019