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The difference between using pressure fittings and compression fittings

The difference between using pressure fittings and compression fittings

When the time comes to choose a part for a truck or trailer, it’s very important to confirm its warranty and brand. Many truckers are based on price and after a few miles, the part ends up defective. If you spend a little more you will save more when putting your truck on the road.

DOT approves compression and also push-to-connect fittings. The main reasons to choose these fittings are:

- Air pressure brake accessories (push-to-connect) are smaller and better adapted to be installed in a limited area. They are made to be easily assembled and disassembled.
- The installation of compression fittings requires tools.
- The advantage of using push-to-connect in your truck`s air system is that it is safer to prevent air leakage. Compared to compression fittings that have to be tightened frequently with a specific wrench to obtain a correct seal. Frequent readjustments can affect the tube and enhances the chances of future leaks.
- It is uncommon for push-to-connect fittings to require maintenance or adjustment after installation so that they do not leak.

Push-to-connect fittings are manufactured by two different types of materials: brass and composite. Brass options do not become brittle, corrode or rust in extreme cold temperatures and can be easily installed by just one person, which saves a lot of time and labor cost comparing it to compression fittings.

Composite fittings are made with brass screw threads and a polymer body. This option of fitting provides the same savings of brass fittings but are more economic, lightweight and durable.
Technology advances more and more in the world of transportation and we see many things in the market that make our lives easier, save us time, money and much more. Today engineers work harder to provide the best of the best for transportation companies.


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Date: 7/2021