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The moment that you were waiting for has arrived  Be independent and with money

The moment that you were waiting for has arrived Be independent and with money

In the almost 20 years that I have worked in the Transportation industry, I have never seen the transportation industry with the strength and stability that it is seen today. This year, the winter season was almost imperceptible in terms of the amount of work and the price of loads.

At least that`s what we live for at Ardwin Freight. As it is appreciated of how things are going, these trends tend to generally improve. Currently, there are no signs that this is going to change either. At least not for now. The reopening of the states and the economy will further help sustain and grow our industry.

Supported by the aforementioned, we believe that those people who always wanted to become owner operators can do so now. This is the best time to do it, since there is stability, a lot of work and the most important thing of all is that your work will be very well paid. This is something that hasn`t happened in decades.

With all these factors in your favor, with the good management of your income and choosing a good truck, we see no reason why your venture should not have the expected success. Do not think about it anymore. Become the owner of your truck, of your business and allow your family to enjoy more of your presence at home.

This is not to say that you don`t have to work. What I mean is that you will be the one who will choose when to work and not your employer. If you buy your truck, Ardwin Freight will make it easy and fast for you to start working by giving you what you need in terms of permits, insurance, plates, etc.

You can contact us for more information on the qualification requirements and for advice and tips for the purchase of your truck. You can call us at 1 (800) 927-8153. May God bless you and may health continue to accompany you. Until next time.

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Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 7/2021