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The necessary care for truckers with herpes

The necessary care for truckers with herpes

If the truck driver unfortunately gets a disease that will remain in their body throughout their life, such as genital herpes, then it’s better to know at least how to deal with the condition. Simple sexual contact between a healthy trucker and the affected sexual fluids or body parts of an infected person is sufficient for them to be infected.

What are the main symptoms?

- Itching and swelling in the perianal and genital area.
- Blisters and sores in the anus area, buttocks, genitals and thighs.
- Burning sensation when urinating caused by the contact of the pee with the sores.

Those would be the main symptoms to which any truck driver should be attentive. But there are other nonspecific symptoms that develop according to the stage of infection in which the truck driver can be found, such as in the initial stage:

- Fever
- Shaking chills
- Headaches
- Swollen glands (armpits, throat, pelvis)
- Excessive tiredness

That first outbreak of genital herpes can last 4 weeks, it is the most painful stage of the development of the disease and the one that most affects the body of the infected. During the first year of infection the truck driver may experience regrowths of the infection.

In the event that the truck driver knows that he was exposed to the spread of this disease and is feeling some symptoms mentioned, he can go to a health center and ask his doctor to perform specific medical tests to detect whether or not he has been infected.

What is the most appropriate treatment?

On the basis that it is an infection that has no cure, treatments that may be recommended will help reduce the time of disease outbreaks and reduce symptoms. The doctor is very likely to prescribe remedies, such as anti-inflammatories and pain relievers, to make the sores heal faster and to relieve pain. He will also recommend that the truck driver:

- Keep the genital area dry
- Wear comfortable and cotton underwear
- Apply ice to clean cloths and cold packs in the affected areas.

Truckers, remember that the best way to prevent yourself against this terrible sexually transmitted disease is by using condoms. Or better yet, control your behavior

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