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The truths and myths about erectile dysfunction

The truths and myths about erectile dysfunction

It’s a much more common problem than truckers may think it is, millions of men live it. There are several beliefs depending on popular culture in relation to erection problem. This month, we will talk about four thoughts related to this dysfunction to bust or credit the myths.

1- Occurs only with older people - FALSE!

Although it is more common to occur with men between the ages of 40 and 70, as a result of health problems, this does not mean that it is only their problem. Young men can also suffer from erection problems. In fact, experts say that in recent years the number of young men, without other health problems, with this type of dysfunction has increased.

As everything indicates, for this age group it could be something more related to the habits that each one maintains in intimacy when they are alone, causing frustrations or shame to arise when they are in a couple that affect the sexual act as a couple.

2- It is a psychological problem - FALSE!

Many truckers probably believe that it is a problem of the mind and, in fact, being under stress, having depression or suffering from anxiety could be causes, but physiological factors have much more influence to trigger this dysfunction.

The mind must be the guilty one if erection problems arise when truckers are with their partner, as opposed to when they are alone and if they are capable of having an erection.
But if the trucker does not get an erection under any circumstances, it is very likely that it is a consequence of a health problem such as hypertension or diabetes. In this case it is important to visit the doctor.

3- Impotence drugs solve the problem - FALSE!

The recommendation is that truckers should always go to his doctor to verify if he suffers from any health problem and to know if his doctor recommends the use of drugs for erectile dysfunction.
Although the famous Viagra, sildenafil citrate, is approximately 66% efficient, if a trucker suffers from health problems, such as heart disorders, the side effects of this drug could be serious for their health.

4- Physical exercise reduces erectile dysfunction problems - Right!

Truckers who lose weight and exercise are likely to see an improvement in their sex lives, as the pelvic floor, great support for the organs, is strengthened. This helps maintain the rigidity required for an erection and will help blood to stay in the penis, thus keeping the penis erect. For more information, visit your GP.


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Edic.: 163
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2021