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Trucker, are you prevented against HPV?

Trucker, are you prevented against HPV?

Many truckers fear becoming infected by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a disease that has no cure. But there is a vaccine that can help prevent it. Currently, the spread of this infection through sexual relations has increased a lot, mainly among young people, both men and women.

Next, we will share some important information every truck driver should know about HPV and prevent infection.

1- It is the nº1 sexual disease

According to the American Sexual Health Association, about 80% of the population that has active sexual relations had this disease at some period of their life.

2- May be responsible for causing up to 6 types of cancer

It is a virus with multiple varieties, HPV type 16 or 18 are the more dangerous, because if they evolve can become penis, anal, vaginal, vulvar, throat and mouth and cervix (cervical) cancer.

3- The symptoms take time to appear

In the initial phase of infection, the symptoms are not evident, they usually appear when the disease is already more advanced, as in the case of cancer. Therefore, it is important that people who are sexually active test themselves to detect the disease in time and prevent the virus from evolving into cancer. It is easier to detect in women through different tests, such as cytology.

4- Unfortunately, there is no cure

There are treatments to minimize the effects of the virus, but there is still no definitive method to eliminate HPV from the affected organism. Generally, infections caused by the virus are not considered tombs and in the case of the appearance of warts on the genitals can be eliminated through lotions, creams or by freezing methods

5- Younger women are more vulnerable to catching the virus

Because their reproductive system is not mature yet, which makes the likelihood of getting HPV and having cervical cancer higher.

How can the truck driver avoid getting infected?

- There are vaccines

That can help truckers to stay protected against some types of viruses, responsible for causing warts on the genitals and even cancer.

- Using the condoms.

The use of condoms or latex barriers for the mouth to have sexual intercourse by vaginal, oral, anal, are not so efficient of preventing HPV, as they are with other STDs, but even so it is advisable to practice sex more safely.

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Date: 7/2019