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Trucker, cleanliness is important before and after Sex!

Trucker, cleanliness is important before and after Sex!

Truck drivers have to be careful with their personal hygiene after having sex, to avoid infections and to make the intimate encounter pleasant for both you and your partner. Women are the most prone to infections, probably because their partner did not take care of hygiene before or after the sexual act. Men are not free from having and suffering from infections, especially if they have poor hygiene habits.

Viruses, fungi and bacteria can more easily affect a truck driver`s body if he or she does not follow proper hygiene steps after having sex. The recommended minimum hygiene care that truckers should have are:

- Truck drivers should not have sex if they know that they have some type of infection in the genital area;
- Wear clean and cotton underwear;
- Avoid wet underwear or intimate clothes made of synthetic fabric, which are very tight and do not allow the genital area to breathe properly;
- Change underwear at least once a day or after sexual encounter;
- Avoid having sex with different people;
- Wash hands before and after sexual intercourse.
- Urinating after sex will help to eliminate the bacteria present in the urinary system and prevent urethritis.
- Drink plenty of water after sex to eliminate any bacteria that have remained present in the body.
- Take a shower before having sex and afterwards as well. Or at least wash the genital area and the parts of the body involved in the sexual act, such as hands, face or other parts.
- It is advisable to choose a specific and suitable soap for the intimate area. It must be neutral to prevent irritation to the genitals. Avoiding the use of inappropriate products for that genital area, since it does not have the correct pH and can cause injuries or even dryness.
- Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet will promote sexual health. There are foods that help with libido, ask to your doctor for the most correct indications.


Sex at the Wheels


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 12/2020