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Trucker couples and jealousy

Trucker couples and jealousy

Every trucker has been jealous at least once or their significant other felt jealous of a coworker. Unhealthy jealousy in a relationship can be dangerous if it is not solved on time. Many marriages fell apart due to the uncontrolled jealousy.

Jealousy is an inappropriate and highly harmful behavior. If truckers detect that they feel those feelings of uncontrollable jealousy or live with a love partner who is extremely jealous, they should find a solution, they should not let that behavior continues to ruin the relationship.

Truckers, whether they are men or women, who feel a lot of jealousy, but do not want that feeling to destroy their relationship, can follow the recommendations below:

1- Identifying possible situations of jealousy and controlling those impulsive behaviors.
Every person, man or woman, must anticipate this feeling by using the head to reason and prevent a reaction that could damage the moment.
How: If you are aware of the jealousy problem that afflicts you, you must control yourself and at the same time analyze the situation, checking if there is any logic in the mistrust you feel of your couple.

2- Asking themselves if they feel emotionally independent from their partners.
The professionals of the wheel must identify if they are people who always seek for the approval of their couple for everything, as a way to increase their self-esteem, suffering from an emotional dependence on that person and change that way to see themselves.
How: Identifying this problem is the first step that truckers must take, which must then be followed by an effort to seek to feel good about themselves, avoid underestimating themselves and bet on their strengths.

3- Respect the freedom of the couple
Truckers spend many hours on the road, trust in the couple and respect their independence is essential for the relationship to work
How: Without imposing or asking to the partner to give up their activities because they could generate jealousy, or controlling every step taken by their partner.
If the problem of jealousy occurs on the part of the truckers` side, the best way to behave would be:

  1. Do not give in to jealous behavior, for example, letting emails or phone calls be verified. That would be strengthening that pathological behavior. Truckers will have to speak, not argue, to make their partners understand that.
  2. Avoiding social relationships is not a solution. If the couple feels vulnerable in that type of situation, it will be necessary to generate confidence, make them feel good, but not give up of those encounters.
  3. Give all the love and affection that your partner is needing, physically and verbally. That will increase that person`s self-esteem.


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2020