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Truckers drop and hook their intimate life

Truckers drop and hook their intimate life

There are many myths about the duration of a sexual relationship that make many truckers may think that the sexual act itself has to last a long time and they end up frustrated because they are tired after a long day on the road and see that this is something impossible to reach.

Truck drivers should pay attention to what science and specialists say, that the pleasurable sexual relationship can last between 3 and 13 minutes. It is the period of duration of the sexual act itself, after the possible preliminaries, that is, from penetration to orgasm.

This period of time was the result of a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania through a survey with 50 people. The respondents considered that the duration of 1 to 2 minutes of the sex was very short and 10 to 30 minutes very long, considering the intermediate period, from 3 to 13 minutes the most appropriate and satisfactory.

Every truck driver knows a colleague who ends up telling his sexual adventures and possibly boasts of interminable and passionate sexual nights. And they should know that it is very possible that this is much more a fantasy of their friend than a reality, therefore, they should not compare, feel bad or try to break records because that behaviour will only generate sexual frustration.

It`s about enjoying the moment as a couple and forgetting about the clock and times, leaving aside the unreal sexual fantasies. Truckers should simply enjoy the sexual relationship, regardless of the time it by just relaxing and enjoying and being attentive to their sexual partner.

Surely truck drivers who felt pressured by those false myths of society that say that a good sexual relationship should last a long time. Ignoring the clock will help the couple enjoy much more of that moment of intimacy regardless of the time it lasts.

Sex at the Wheels


Edic.: 142
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 5/2019