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Truckers vs. Sexual hygiene

Truckers vs. Sexual hygiene

It is very important that truck drivers establish a detailed hygienic routine after they have sex. This measure will help avoid getting or spreading both sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections.
It is recommended that the trucker adopt a series of precautions and hygienic practices after sexual intercourse such as:

- Handwashing
It is the first step of sanitation and will help prevent the spread of infections, caused by bacteria that are present in the intimate parts of your partner.

- Urinate
Emptying the bladder up to 45 minutes after sex helps eliminate the germs that cause infections that enter the urethra during sexual intercourse.

- Genital cleaning
Both men and women should clean their genitals gently, washing the area with neutral soap and warm water. It is more advisable than the use of wet wipes.
Men should take special care with cleaning the foreskin, removing it and washing the lower area. In the case of women, it would be best to avoid vaginal douches, since they could cause the reverse effect and generate infections.

- Wearing baggy underwear
Truckers should choose to wear comfortable clothes and retain moisture from their bodies in both their work clothes and their underwear, try to wear cotton clothes.
The genital area should breathe. Being a warm part of the body could lead to bacteria proliferation. Therefore, nothing of very tight girdles or underwear.

- Sex toys sanitizing
Truck drivers who like to use sex toys in their intimate encounters should not forget to clean them well after sexual intercourse to completely eliminate any virus or bacteria that may be in them. And they should never lend their toys to other people.

- Make medical check-ups frequently
Truckers who are sexually active should schedule visits to their doctors for a medical check-up and have a specific test for STDs.

Sex at the Wheels


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2019