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Truckers who don`t take baths are in danger

Truckers who don`t take baths are in danger

The working hours of the truck drivers often seem eternal and when they arrive at the destination where they will rest the only thing, they think about is going to bed to recover energy to continue driving the next day.

But, even if they are very exhausted, hygiene should not be forgotten, since the skin is colonized by microorganisms, fungi and bacteria depending on the age of the truckers and the climate where they live.
If truckers do not take a bath frequently, that skin flora spreads and is susceptible to fungi and bacteria external to the body, and that`s when health problems begin. Here are the consequences:

  • Trucker’s metabolism becomes slower: Bathing helps to generate energy because showers stimulate the cellular processes that take place inside the body. This increasing metabolism. Therefore, the lack of hygiene does the opposite, it slows down the metabolism.
  • There will be more accumulation of dead tissue: Washing the skin helps to eliminate dead cells from the body, giving rise to new cells and avoiding the production of sebum.
  • Trucker can release a bad smell from their body: This happens because the lack of a baths causes external bacteria to accumulate, as well as the remains of dead cells, which end up rotting on the skin. All this causes the bad smell.
  • Trucker can develop skin infections, for example, neglecta dermatosis, which is when pigmented plaques appear, with texture and a very high concentration of sebum on the skin. As cell debris accumulates in these lesions and bacteria proliferate there, these plaques are often accompanied by a bad smell.

The solution to avoid the problems mentioned above? Truckers must adopt stricter hygiene habits and must not skip their daily baths. Truckers should take their personal hygiene items with them on the road to ensure that they can wash properly when they reach the area where they can rest and clean.

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Edic.: 157
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 8/2020