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Truckers who sleep well, have better sex

Truckers who sleep well, have better sex

Have good sleep habits and sleeping well is key to having better sex. The truckers with problems in their sexual relations should think about their routines around bedtime. Life on the road can affect a trucker’s sleeping pattern but trying to improve that crucial moment of the day can make all the difference, not only in the trucker’s rest, but also with their sexual satisfaction.

People who sleep less can have their sexual desire affected or simply not enjoy the sexual relationships they have. A sector very affected in relation to sleep is transportation; many truckers do not sleep all the hours required for different circumstances or, they have insomnia problems because of the stress and worries caused by their job.

For truckers who have sexual problems, having better sleep and more hours is the beginning of the solution of that problem. If they make changes in their routines and try to separate the work from the family, sexual desire will return with intensity. The more hours the truck driver sleeps the better and more satisfying will be their sexual relations.

A bad sleepy night has negative effects for both men and women. Specifically, in the case of a trucker, sleeping poorly will reduce the level of testosterone produced, directly affecting the libido and sperm production.

Most of the time, a horrible sleeping pattern in caused by the trucker. It’s caused by their appointments to make a delivery and the stress that comes with it. It’s highly recommended that the truck driver really takes advantage of their rest hours by following these steps for better sleep:

- Set limits to the use of mobile devices, since they can distract and consume hours that may be useful for rest.
- Create a relaxed atmosphere at bedtime, with low light, maybe a bit of wind music.
- Avoid eat fatty and unhealthy food before going to sleep. Try to dine at 5:00 p.m at the latest.
- Don’t drink coffee and alcoholic beverages during or after dinner.
- Take a bath to relax the body.
- Walk through the large truck stops after eating

These are just some of the measures that can help truckers to have better sleep, and consequently favor them to have better sexual relations.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 4/2019