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What to do to avoid joint aches on the road?

What to do to avoid joint aches on the road?

Not having inflammatory diseases in the joints is very important for any truck driver, since joint health directly affects the locomotor system, specifically the movement of the trucker`s body.

There are various inflammatory diseases that affect the joints, such as bursitis, rheumatic fever, arthritis, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, etc. Professional drivers who suffer from this type of disease cannot perform their work efficiently, since the movements of their body are very important for their type of work.

For this reason, being attentive to the first symptoms, such as pain and inflammation, can be key to an early diagnosis, less invasive treatment and better control of the disease. If the truckers notice these symptoms, they should visit their doctor for the necessary tests.

The physical effort required by the truckers’ job influences their joint health. Another factor such as obesity, which many truck drivers also suffer from, also has a negative influence on the development of this type of disease. Besides, obviously, genetic factors.

How can truckers avoid developing joint disease? How can they prevent them and how can them change their lifestyle?

1. Adopt a diet rich in calcium - They must ingest the amount of calcium that the body needs, helping to improve the body`s joints and can prevent osteoporosis.

2. Do physical exercise regularly - Truck drivers must avoid having a sedentary life and take advantage of any opportunity they have to do some type of exercise that favors the mobility of their joints, alleviates their pain and strengthens their muscles.

3. Avoid body postures that damage their joints - Truckers must be aware of their body and spine while performing their tasks such as handling or lifting loads and immediately correct poor posture.

4. Choose the most appropriate footwear - Both for driving, for carrying weight, or walking through warehouses, it is very important that truckers use the appropriate footwear. It must be comfortable and allow them to perform tasks safely and properly.


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2020