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When will truckers get vaccinated against COVID-19?

When will truckers get vaccinated against COVID-19?

We know that everyone will have the right to be vaccinated according to their age or type of job. If your job is on the Frontline, you will be one of the first to receive the vaccine, no matter how old you are. Unfortunately, truckers in general will receive the vaccine according to the age of each individual, it will not be like with Frontline people. Truckers are in the Essential Workers section of Phase 1C, under the Transportation and Logistics category.

The supply of vaccines is very limited right now, which forces the vaccination process to be done in phases. In principle, truckers would be included in phase 1C of vaccination, this phase is scheduled for March 15 in California, but we do not know exactly if it will really be the turn of the truck drivers or not.

You can find out if you are currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in California through an official website from the California state government: An initiative of the California Department of Public Health that helps you find out if you are eligible for vaccination at this time based on the answers you fill out on the form.

To find out your vaccination shift you must follow the following steps:

1- Go to the website:
- Choose the language between English and Spanish and press the check eligibility button.

2- On the next page:
- You must select the box informing that you are over 18 years old;
- You must select the box giving consent to the healthcare provider who will administer the vaccine to share your personal, demographic and health information;
- Then select your age range;
- Select the industry sector in which you work, in this case, you must choose: "Transportation and Logistics.";
- Choose the county where you live;
- Enter "Accessibility Code" (optional);
- Press continue to go to the next page

3- On the last page it will appear if you are eligible or not for vaccination at this time:
- In the event that you are eligible you will have to:
    • Enter your zip code;
    • Check the availability of appointments at the vaccination center that corresponds to you:
- If there are dates available, they will give you instructions on what steps to follow;
- If there are no dates available, you can register on the website to receive information about when there are more appointments and vaccination centers.
- If you are not eligible, the website offers you the possibility of registering in the system to receive notification when you are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

You will have to fill in a new form with data such as:
• Name and surname;
• Postal code of your address;
• Age range;
• Year of birth;
• Information about any health problem;
• Race;
• Your origin;
• Sector where you work;
• Whether you reside in a nursing home or not;
• Whether you live in an environment with many people, such as a group home or shelter or not;
• Your mobile phone number;
• Email

Once registered you will receive updates on the status of your vaccination shift.

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