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Will Prop 22 allow you to be an independent owner-operator?

Will Prop 22 allow you to be an independent owner-operator?

Big gig companies, which hire the services of independent contractors, collected nearly $200 million to avoid AB5 from going forward in California. Thus, Prop 22 was born. This measure will permit drivers in California to be classified, again, as independent contractors instead of employees, like the AB5 law determines.

The general election is around the corner and these large gig corporations did everything they could to contribute to Proposition 22. They are promoting this ballot measure through massive marketing actions on Social Media, TV and company apps.

These corporations based their Proposition 22 promotions on the motto that the economic and working situation of drivers would be enhanced by the ballot initiative, on a try to persuade the voters in California that Prop 22 is a reflection of a driver’s wish. But this measure will also deny drivers the right to choose to be classified as employees.

Proposition 22 would:

  • Classify drivers as independent contractors in California; `
  • Establish specific labor and wage policies app-based drivers and companies, such:
    • Payments for the variation between the net earnings of the worker, not considering the tips, and the net earning floor will be based on 120% of the minimum wage and will be applied to in route or giving rides, instead of the time logged into a specific app;
    • 30 cents per mile paid for expenses while a driver is in route or on a trip service;
    • Limitation of 12 hours of work in a period of 24 hours;
    • Require to the companies to make or provide occupational accident insurances;
    • Other changes

Prop 22’s opposition is the well-known AB5, which has the objective of fixing all those years of instability, wage fluctuations and also provide protections to all workers related to Independent contractor industries. This assembly bill will also provide benefit to the workers with sick pay, job protections and minimum wage related to an employee base.

Numerous drivers, unions and labor groups are against Prop 22 and urge voters to vote against it. Despite Prop 22’s friendly communication, their initiative does not guarantee drivers key benefits like healthcare, minimum wage, or bargaining rights.

For detailed information about the Proposition 22 please visit:,_App-Based_Drivers_as_Contractors_and_Labor_Policies_Initiative_(2020)



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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2020