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You choose, live healthy or keep eating junk

You choose, live healthy or keep eating junk

Poor and inadequate nutrition can put the mental health of truckers at risk, since they often end up eating fast food on the roads.

Most of the time, the truck driver has the need to buy what is at hand and within reach. When the stomach asks for food and you are hungry anything is tasty.

But these days we can only find a few healthy things at truck stops, such as peeled or whole fruit, cooked egg, salads with the combination of lettuce and tomato and mozzarella cheese or we can even find nuts, which are also a good food.

Of course, it is not something that will make you feel full of food like eating a hamburger or fast food that contains rice, meats, etc. The truck drivers who are forced to consume junk food on many occasions without the necessary nutrients, are more susceptible to symptoms of psychological problems.

According to a study conducted by Professor Jim E. Banta at the University of Loma Linda located in California and published by the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, having a poor diet can not only lead to diseases such as diabetes, vascular problems, anemia or sleep apnea, it can affect the mental health of any person.

The study also states that depression is directly related to the consumption of fried or processed foods. And bipolar disorder can be related to excessive consumption of foods with a lot of sugar. Although this data is not yet fully confirmed.

For a trucker, the risk is greater since their work schedules change radically according to the time of deliveries and pick-ups. And this type of life leads them to eat late and sleep disorderly, since they are eating meals at different times.

Truckers know that all evils can bring health problems to their lives by choosing junk food. Planning their trips should be their priority, having the time to go to the market and buy fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. Bringing foods that are nutritious and that can last until they can reach a restaurant, where they can eat fresh food, not fried or full of carbohydrates.

If the truck driver adopts a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet and stays fit by practicing some type of physical exercise, it will be easier to maintain healthy the body and a focused mind.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2019