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6 mistakes no trucker should make during sex

6 mistakes no trucker should make during sex

The lack of information on issues related to sex, poor communication between couples or the idealization of a sexual act seen in erotic movies, can cause truckers making mistakes at the time of intimacy.

First mistake - Not understanding that every woman is different

Truckers make a mistake thinking all women like the same thing. The solution to this problem is to communicate constantly with your partner. You should talk openly about what your partner likes during sex so both will enjoy the moment.

Second error - Incorrect sexual stimulation

Truck drivers and men, are usually hasty and go straight to the clitoris and continues with clumsy massages that can end the couple`s desire. The best thing is to go very calmly and slowly reach the part of the clitoris and massage very subtly, so your partner will enjoy it to the fullest.

Third mistake - The truck drivers and their partners are not porn actors

Sex in real life can be completely different from pornographic media. Copying everything that porn actors do is not a good idea, on the contrary, it can be a serious mistake. Remember that movies have a lot of fiction and everything you see is not real. It is best to feel the moment and enjoy both to the fullest.

Fourth mistake - Forgetting the preliminaries

Mainly for women, everything that precedes the sexual act, such as caresses and kisses, is an important stimulant for sex. If the truck driver only thinks of penetration and then his orgasm, it is clear that this sexual relationship will be very mechanical and will the only benefit him. If the trucker thinks that the preliminaries are good for him too, in addition to satisfying his wife, the pleasure in his sexual relations will be multiplied.

Fifth mistake - Don`t think about it later

Avoid acting coldly. Going to shower or just turning to sleep, after finishing the sexual act is extremely wrong. Your partner needs to feel loved after sex. Truckers, hug, kiss and caress your partner a lot after having sex.

Sixth error - Prolong the sexual act

It’s important that the truck driver is concerned with the quality of the sexual relationship and not with the duration. Some may try to prolong sex but remember the couple should seek to enjoy together, so keep in mind that the ideal duration of intercourse is between 7 and 13 minutes.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 3/2020