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A billion-dollar partnership to enhance supply chain infrastructure in California

A billion-dollar partnership to enhance supply chain infrastructure in California

California State Transportation agency has partnered with U.S DOT to provide financial help generate sustainable solutions to California`s infrastructure and signed on Oct 28 an Emerging Projects Agreement. This economic aid could mean a billionaire financial injection to the infrastructure projects related to the supply chain.

This billionaire investment help will be possible thanks to U.S DOT credit assistance programs Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing and Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act. According to Gavin Newson, this federal state partnership and agreement will assure that the goods are transported in a quickest way, will cost less money and have a concern for the environment.

The Emerging Projects Agreement could support the following projects:

- Highway upgrades to enhance truck travel times;
- Inland port facility development to upgrade the storage of warehouse;
- Truck and railyard electrification;
- Specific Upgrades in the port;
- Grade-separated crossing to decrease the quantity of rail-street intersections;
- The capacity of expansion of the freight rail;
- Land ports of entry to extend the cross-border commerce and trade capacity.

David S. Kim, CalSTA Secretary, affirmed: “The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on California`s ports and the importance of our state`s infrastructure in moving goods throughout the U.S. and around the world,” and added: “The agreement will go a long way toward quickly upgrading infrastructure to support a more efficient and resilient supply chain that will flex California`s power in global trade”.

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