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Attention! Stop your truck and urinate

Attention! Stop your truck and urinate

We know that truckers are forced to spend a great period of time sitting driving without stopping not even to urinate, but holding urine for so long can be very harmful to their health.
Urinating helps the truck driver`s body to work properly, as it is responsible for eliminating toxins from its body. That is, if the trucker ends up enduring the urge to urinate regularly instead of being something sporadic, the consequences may be the following:


The acidic substances contained in the urine together with their ammonia particles can inflame the walls of the urinary tract and also the bladder. The more inflamed the bladder is when accumulating microbes, the greater the chances of developing cystitis.


• Increase in the frequency of urine
• Pain when urinating
• Possibility of the urine leaving in reddish color
• Discomfort in the pelvic area
• Fever

Reflux vesicoureteral

Another consequence of holding the urine would be vesicoureteral reflux, which occurs when the liquid in the urine instead of making its normal flow from the kidneys to the bladder, makes the reverse path, backing from the bladder to the kidneys.


• Urine infection as a result of reflux
• Frequent need to urinate in small quantities
• Burning when urinating
• Cloudy urine or presence of blood in the urine
• Strong smell in the urine
• Pain in the lateral abdomen

Bladder dilation

When the truck driver holds the urine for a long time and on a recurring basis, it can widen the size of his bladder, causing the organ to lose its usual sensitivity and decrease its ability to control urine.


• Urge to urinate
• Difficulty controlling sudden urge to urinate
• Urinary incontinence
• Increase in the number of times you urinate
• nocturia - need to get up at night to urinate

Nephritic colic

As a result of the accumulation of salts and minerals in the urine, crystals are generated, popularly known as kidney stones, which obstruct the urinary tract generate a lot of pain, since the urine does not progress and the pressure inside the urinary tract is increased.


• Sudden and intense pain in the lumbar area. And the pain follows a path to the bladder and genitals.
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Excessive sweat
• Fever
• Presence of blood in the urine
• Pain or difficulty urinating
• Increase in the number of times you urinate
• Absence of urine (anuria) Avery serious sign!

Trucker, if your body is telling you to urinate, do not delay it. The consequences can be very serious and even permanent for your health.

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Edic.: 148
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2019