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Be careful when driving to new destinations

Be careful when driving to new destinations

One of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of our work, while also dangerous, is when we receive orders to deliver at new destinations.

This interesting and entertaining factor produces distraction and makes us neglect the attention on the road, especially since we have to drive and explore the territory simultaneously to reach our destination.

Statistics reveal that 22% of accidents that occur while driving commercial vehicles have been caused while drivers were distracted, especially in areas unknown to them.

For this reason, we will share the following tips and hope to contribute to the prevention of accidents on the road.

• Do not make sudden changes. If you lose the exit or a curve continue and look for the safest way to change direction. Trying to change direction abruptly will lead you to perform an illegal or insecure maneuver, which could endanger your safety and that of other people.
• Use your turn signals to indicate your intention to change lanes, then visualize the traffic and hazards that may exist and perform the maneuver when it is safe. By indicating your signals in advance, you will be in a safer condition and communicate your intentions to the other drivers.
• Plan your trip before leaving, this will help prevent you from getting distracted driving, trying to reach your destination. We recommend the using GPS to facilitate your work and reduce the risk. The use of technology is very beneficial, as long as it is used properly. If you need to change something in your GPS, please exit the route and stop to make the necessary changes. Otherwise, this tool would also become a distraction that could prove fatal.

We wish you and your wonderful family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the peace that only the Lord can give enter and remain forever in your hearts and in your homes. May God bless you greatly.

Safety at the Wheel


Edic.: 149
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 12/2019