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Ben Affleck still in rehab for alcoholism

Ben Affleck still in rehab for alcoholism

The Hollywood actor is completely focused on overcoming his alcohol addiction in a different center. He knows that his addiction will be part of his life forever, but since Affleck oriented to his children, family and girlfriend, he is confident that he can make the best of the current situation. In March, he posted on Facebook saying he wanted to be a better father.

The news about his alcoholism and substance abuse isn’t recent; the Oscar winner has been battling against it for many years. Actually, his first treatment was in 2001. In September, he wasn’t on his best days, totally unhappy and decided to get into a rehab program of 30 days, which he achieved and now he is still in treatment but out of the center.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 1/2018