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Do I need a lawyer for work injures?

Do I need a lawyer for work injures?

The shortest answer would be no, but unfortunately most people wait until they are fired and then consult a lawyer. Injured and fired. In most cases it may not be necessary to have an attorney, but it is recommended that at least one legal consultation be made with an attorney.

Generally, consultations are free, so at least a lawyer could explain what the steps to follow are and above all be prepared for those signs that indicate that you will be fired, leaving you injured and perhaps without a fair compensation.

For example, it is very common to see how people begin to have pain in other parts of the body, which at the beginning were not reported because they concentrated on the most damaged part. Doctors will avoid talking about it and ignore it and at the in the end, they end up giving some prescription or note without having treated those parts of the body. This makes their limitations minimal therefore their compensation is not fair.

And your employer will not be willing to offer you a permanent modified job, which is not required. This example is the most common that we see in our offices, people wait to be discharged and fired to consult with a lawyer and unfortunately the lawyer can no longer get to send you to a new doctor immediately without going through the process of going to a doctor of the state (QME), something that could take months.

The best recommendation is that you gather all your documents regarding your injury and call a lawyer of your choice for a free consultation. They will at least explain your benefits and how you can apply them in the best way possible and above all, protect all your rights.

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