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Do truckers like erotic or relaxing massages?

Do truckers like erotic or relaxing massages?

A trucker’s stress is related to their type of work. They must face heavy traffic on a daily basis and constant danger on long distance roads. Coming home to a partner who is offering massages and intimacy sounds good, right? Here are the steps to follow:

1- We are going to create a special environment

It’s very important to create an atmosphere of seduction and here’s how to do that:

- Use adequate lighting. Instead of the typical white light, the best would be soft and warm lights. Lit in different places in the room. Candles are also a great alternative and very seductive.
- Decorate the environment with flowers, like roses, because it creates a romantic atmosphere.
- Choose a soundtrack suitable for the intimate moment, making the massage more erotic and sensual for both.

2- It’s important to use oils with aromas

Choosing aromatic oils will wake up the sense of smell, adding more sensations for the moment of massage. Choose a scent that is pleasing to both of you. Some advices:

- For this meeting you should have all the material you may need, such as hot and soft towels, oils, etc., before starting the relaxing or erotic massage. Do not interrupt the moment by fetching these later.
- The more physical contact there is between the two bodies the better, provoking pleasure.
- You should put the oil in your hands first, then rub them to generate heat and then apply the oil to your partner`s body. You should never apply cold oil directly to the massaged person. It would be adding water to a fire flame.

3- The massage should be intense and slow

The partner should massage the parts affected by stress. Normally a trucker suffers from pain in the back, between the neck and the shoulder blade, in the feet and in the hips.

If the trucker’s partner makes slow and relax massages, then they will be able to relax those areas. In this meeting you must be focused on the moment and not think that you have to get up early to deliver a load.

Both should be relaxed and the rhythm of the massage should be soft, but with an intense and passionate touch. The massage must be done with great care, specifically in the areas of joints, nerves and muscles.

4- Customizing the massage at the right time

It’s important to pay attention to each other. Being attentive to the rhythm of the massage`s breathing and seeing the areas where they enjoy and relax. They can be the feet, hips or back.
Seeking body’s relaxation is very important because it communicates and unites the couple more.

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