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Don`t miss the first-aid kit in your truck

Don`t miss the first-aid kit in your truck

Carrying a first-aid kit with you is very important, everything can happen on the road. Even more so during this pandemic, which has changed everyone`s life, especially truckers. No professional behind the wheel should let their guard down, or forget about the security protocols necessary to access a store in a hurry to buy food or items from the first-aid kit.

Truckers may feel dizzy, headache, some type of hives, or be injured in any way while on the road. Therefore, the best way for truck drivers to prepare a good and complete first-aid kit is to be farsighted and prepare everything in advance.

It must be taken into account in the preparation that the trucker travels to different places, more urban and also more rural areas, it is better to have a complete first-aid kit that covers different locations. And also keep in mind the most common problems that occur when traveling such as bites, dizziness, minor trauma and digestive problems.

The first-aid kit of every trucker must include:
- Medication to prevent motion sickness. The truck drivers that usually suffer from this, should ask their GP which is the most appropriate medication.
- Repellents to prevent bites as well as wearing clothing that covers arms and legs.
- Antihistamine ointments in addition to antihistamine pills if the trucker suffers from allergic reactions to insect bites or other allergies.
- For digestive discomfort, they should take antacids to relieve a heavy stomach, a consequence of eating several days away from home and also medications to relieve gas.
- Truckers must remember to take envelopes of mineral salts and glucose in the event of suffering from punctual diarrhea that weakens them. This will help them to rehydrate. It is also recommended to take probiotics to restore their intestinal flora.
- Painkillers such as paracetamol, for discomforts such as sore throat, muscle, headache, cold, fever.
- To heal any possible wound, burn, sprain or blister or distension, the truck drivers must carry:
• Physiological saline solution
• Disinfectant (Chlorhexidine or Povidone Iodine)
• Material to perform the wound healing: Sticking plaster, bandages, gauze, dressings, compressive bandages
• Gel alcohol to sanitize surfaces and also the hands of the trucker.
• Ointment or cream for minor burns
• Instant cold packs

If the truckers suffer from a chronic disease or has a condition that requires the use of a specific medication, they must remember to include it in their medicine cabinet. They must remember to check the expiration date of all the items in their first-aid kit frequently. Following these steps, the truck drivers are prepared to travel with the basic elements for the slight problems that can occur while traveling.

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Date: 7/2020