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Don`t sign a Lease Agreement if you don`t fully understand it!

Don`t sign a Lease Agreement if you don`t fully understand it!

Truckers friends, it is extremely important to understand all the points and clauses that appear in a lease agreement (contract) before signing it. If you have any questions or do not understand any information that appears in the document, it is best to ask an expert for help and talk with the company that wrote the contract to ask questions and understand their conditions. Next, we will give some tips to keep in mind when reading a contract:

1- The lease agreement must be signed by the company that contracts the service and the owner of the truck. It must not be signed by the driver.
2- The contract must indicate what type of cargo will be transported, for which city and state it will be transported and in what conditions the truck must be before leaving for the trip.
3- The duration of the service must be indicated on the contract. The start date of the service and the date when it will be terminated should appear clearly.
4- The price of the service for which the company will pay must be clearly written in the document, so as not to give rise to doubts or discrepancies.
5- The payment method must be indicated in the contract.
6- The form of communication that will be used and the frequency in which reports should be made and contact to each other must appear in the lease agreement.
7- Have knowledge of what will be the necessary documents to present to the company to receive payment for the service. And the time available to send the papers after a delivery.
8- The payment method must be informed, as well as the time it will take to make the payment.
9- It is important to find out what will be the way in which the loading and unloading will be carried out. If it will be done manually, with pallet jack, forklif, etc.
10- Drivers must find out who is responsible for damaged cargoes.
11- All documents that are necessary to deliver to the company, such as logbooks, receipts, inspection reports, etc., must be specified in the contract.
12- In the event that deductions are made in the value of the checks paid, the company must write the amount of the deductions in the contract and explain the reason for those deductions.

These tips can help you when you receive a contract to sign, but obviously there are many more. So, when in doubt, consult an expert so they can rest easy when signing any document.

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