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FMCSA`s Final Rule about Driving Hours

FMCSA`s Final Rule about Driving Hours

After a long process beginning back in February 2018, OOIDA’s petition to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding hours of service reform shows that owner-operators are closer to having more control and flexibility in relation to their scheduling per day.

This final rule contains four considerable adjustments:
- The driving window in the adverse driving provision will be expanded to two hours in case the operator faces any adverse driving conditions.
- The on-duty limitation regarding short-haul transportation moves from 12 to 14 hours also the air miles increases from 100 to 150.
- The 30 minutes break will be altered so the request that the break is taken after eight hours driving and not during the on-duty period. Not driving as on-duty period will be allowed to qualify as the required break.
- There will be a third split-sleeper alternative which will be 7/3, furthermore to the splits 8/2 and 10/0.

These good sense changes will help truckers to make good choices when planning their trips and will enhance their security on the road. This will avoid the dangerous habit of rushing to arrive to the destination and encourage adequate rest. If all goes well, the final rule will go into effect any date after September 15, 2020.

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Date: 6/2020