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FMCSA expands COVID-19 emergency declaration for truck transportation

FMCSA expands COVID-19 emergency declaration for truck transportation

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s emergency declaration regarding HOS and other rules related to trucking for COVID-19, is extended until June 14. Emergency relief of Parts 390 through 399 of the FMCSRs are conceded to drivers and motor carriers that closely provide assistance of relation to relief efforts to the COVID-19 national emergency. Assistance during the pandemic include transporting basic supplies and helping essential services such as the following:

- COVID-19’s equipment and medical supplies (testing, diagnosis and treatment);
- COVID-19’s community sanitation, safety and prevention supplies and equipment (gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, masks and soap);
- Restocking supplies of stores and distribution centers (paper products and food);
- Raw materials necessary for the three previous categories, such as alcohol, plastic and paper.
- Liquified gases (for cooling and refrigeration systems);
- Fuel;
- Supplies, equipment and people needed for COVID-19 related facilities (housing, isolation, quarantine)

Commercial deliveries are not included in the emergency declaration, not even the mixed loads qualify for it.

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Date: 6/2020