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How important are hub caps and seals?

How important are hub caps and seals?

Every trucker knows how important it is that their trucks’ hub assembly has enough oil for its function. We will explain the main procedures that should be performed in the maintenance of this part, that should be checked regularly in search of smooth rotation and seal leaks. If the truck that you drive has much more use than average, then the hub will require more regular inspections.

1- Inspection

- Every day - Truck drivers should inspect the hub before going to the road, looking for any damages, signs of wear or other problem.
- Monthly – Visual inspection of the hubcap gasket and the hub.
- Quarterly – Verification of the smoothness of the rotation.
- In the course of a brake service –In-depth inspection after the removal of the wheels.

2- Seal leaks

- Check the inboard side of the hub. Some oil could be visible at the hub seal but it doesn’t mean that there is hub seal leakage, this could be normal. Truckers should wipe clean of any residues.
- Verify the spindle bearing shoulder. A slight amount of oil on the hubcap gasket and hub joint could also be normal. It’s advisable to wipe clean to avoid the accumulation of dirt.
- The presence of large amounts of oil in the wheel, spindle hubcap and hub could mean that the gasket or hub seal is leaking. Be careful, this problem should be fixed by a qualified mechanic.

3- Verify if the hub has a smooth rotation

The smoothness could be affected by a damaged hub seal, debris or bearing wear. It is possible to perform an inspection without taking of the rims and tires, but it is very important to make sure that the hub of your truck is ready and prepared properly for this procedure.
- Pull out brakes and brake drum.
- Rotate the hub with a slow movement for both sides during proximally 5 revolutions.
- During the inspection is necessary to pay attention if the rotation is smooth and made in silence.

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