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IRS Announces Offensive Against High Incomes

IRS Announces Offensive Against High Incomes

If you had an income of $100,000 or more and have not submitted your tax report to the Internal Revenue Service in a year or more, you could receive an unpleasant visit in the next few days. As the prestigious Accounting Today magazine points out in their February 20, 2020 article, officials from the Internal Revenue Service stated that they will soon visit taxpayers who earn more than $ 1,000,000 a year and have not filed one or more tax returns.

According to the Internal Revenue department, based on recent budget increases, the IRS has hired more tax collectors, who will be focused on visiting and reminding high-income taxpayers ($ 100,000 or more) of their tax obligations to file, pay their taxes and compel to comply.

According to statements by IRS officials, their priority is to intensify their compliance efforts with personal visits and to confront face to face this high-income sector of the population that have not submitted their statements. They affirm that they have thousands of internal revenue officers across the country waiting for the order to act and collect the back taxes.

The officers interviewed by Accounting Today, indicate that this offensive will begin with those taxpayers who have received correspondence from the IRS reminding them about their delay in filing their taxes, since in some way these people have been notified by mail in the previous months or years.

The main objective is to educate taxpayers of the responsibility and obligation to comply with their tax return. The officer will work with the taxpayer to adequately resolve their problem, either complying with their report or with the tax debt.

The Internal Revenue Department indicates that, to avoid any fraud attempt, the officers who make the visits to the taxpayers, must present two kinds of identifications and it is expected that these visits are already being carried out.

According to the IRS, they can scale the purpose of their visit, since the IRS can prosecute civilly or criminally to cases in which the taxpayer refuses to comply with the law and file or pay their taxes when required.

Therefore, it is recommended to all our trucker friends who are in this situation to comply with the tax law and prepare their declaration as soon as possible and thus avoid further consequences, since the offensive programmed by the IRS seems to be aggressive.

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Autor: Gustavo Nuñez
Date: 4/2020