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Is your cooling system ready for summer?

Is your cooling system ready for summer?

In order for an engine to operate properly, its cooling system must operate in an adequate temperature range recommended by the factory to ensure that both the engine parts and oil viscosity are at the proper and recommended levels. Therefore, we will share some recommendations related to the engine cooling system:If the engine is operating at a temperature lower than recommended, the coolant will pass through the engine, but not through the radiator. When the operating temperature is reached, the refrigerant circulates through the radiator thanks to the thermostat.

  • The formation of hot spots and bubbles inside the motor is avoided with the pressurization of the cooling system, which causes the refrigerant to remain liquid at high temperatures.
  • A defective cap can cause the coolant to evaporate or lose continuously, causing liquid to fall into the reservoir.
  • The coolant is a mixture of demineralized water and chemicals used for:
    • I. Preventing corrosion and thus keeps the engine at the proper temperature
    • II. Reducing the freezing point and cavitation effect
    • III. Increasing in the boiling point of the coolant
    • IV. Safeguarding against corrosion
  • The antifreeze, which is a coolant for heavier use, preserves the appropriate temperature for the proper functioning of the engine. It also prolongs the durability of the thermostat and the water pump as well as keeping the system free of rust, corrosion and cavitation.
  • Refrigerants of different brands should not be mixed.
  • Coolant levels must always be measured when the system is cold.
  • The use of long life ELC refrigerants is recommended because they provide better protection, as well as a longer durability.
  • It is recommended to change the antifreeze every summer to protect your radiator and hoses.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 5/2019